How to Run a Marathon: The Go-to Guide for Anyone and Everyone

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Richard Trinder Vassos Alexander

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Sarah Ovens Vassos Alexander




6h 42m 10s

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Ever been tempted to try a marathon? Maybe you’ve just started running, perhaps you’re gaining confidence, or are you already well on your way to conquering the iconic distance? Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, join marathon man Vassos Alexander as he shows us why we shouldn’t be afraid of the big 26.2.Every marathon runner’s journey is different. You might have caught the bug after experiencing that adrenaline rush of completing your first 5k; it might be a desire to finally cross something off your bucket list; or, perhaps it was a bit of an absentminded afterthought while watching TV, crisps in hand, and a niggling voice saying ‘maybe I could do that’ – it was for Vassos, at least. However far along you are in your journey, How to Run A Marathon shows us that absolutely anyone can take those first steps to defeating the distance. In fact, you’ll probably end up enjoying it a lot more than you think.Including inspiring interviews with runners from all walks of life, delightful tales of remarkable marathons all over the world, crucial training and nutrition tips and so much more, Vassos shares all the lessons he’s learnt — from start line to finisher’s medal.Funny, candid and motivating, this book will not only help you succeed in your marathon quest but empower you to complete the distance any way you want. Whether that’s achieving a particular time or simply finishing in one piece, How to Run a Marathon will guide you through.Vassos Alexander's How to Run a Marathon is a top-rated sports autobiography that provides a practical guide to jogging. His personal journey, filled with physiological and psychological insights, makes this book the best reference for anyone interested in recreation through running.For fans of Damian Hall (In It for the Long Run), Dean Karnazes (Ultramarathon Man), Tim Major (The Lost Art of Running), Nick Butter (Running The World), and Kilian Jornet (Above the Clouds).

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Duración: 6h 42m 10s

Publicado por HarperCollins UK