How to Control the Uncontrollable

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Ben Aldridge

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Ben Aldridge




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How can an ancient Greek philosophy help us to navigate the ups and downs of every day modern life? What did the Greeks know that we don't?In a nutshell, Stoicism is an Ancient Greek philosophy, originating around 300BC that focuses on self-control, developing a good character and increasing personal knowledge and wisdom.This book is an exploration of how we can use the principals of Stoicism as a modern day 'operating system' to help enhance mental resilience to enable us to better cope with life's challenges.Ben challenges us to make conscious decisions based on what he calls The Stoic Golden Rule: The only thing you have control over is how you respond to external events.He explains the core concepts of Stoicism and provides actionable ways, based on his own experiences and those of others, that the reader can follow to live a more Stoically emboldened life.The book includes lots of exercises, directed challenges, 'Try This' tips based on mental, physical and contemplative practices, and – by popular demand – Ben's anti bucket list.

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Duración: 6h 04m 40s

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