Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect

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Escrito por

Philip Wyeth

Narrado por

Cheryl May




5h 37m 54s

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“Robots and exowombs and hemp, oh my!”Welcome to 2045. Automation has freed humanity from the drudgery and limitations of blue-collar labor. For twenty years, a remarkable group of female bureaucrats has overseen an ambitious construction program that is spreading equity, prosperity, and peace worldwide.But Detective Ashley Westgard of the Jacksonville Police Corps senses that beneath all the glimmer and shine, a new malaise has taken root in society. From brazen acts of criminality and rampant party pill abuse, to her own insatiable desires... All is not well on the road to paradise.Ash is beautiful, vain, headstrong, and erratic. A symbol of her time as she careens from impulsive shopping sprees to drunken fights to escapades of sin. But now that a methodical killer is on the loose, she must rise above apathy and doubt in order to forge her raging inner fire into a fearsome weapon of justice.Philip Wyeth’s crazy fifth novel is imaginative, hilarious, sexy, and poignant. It will dazzle fans of Philip K. Dick, John Varley, Rich Larson, Neal Stephenson's “Snow Crash,” “The Tomorrow File” by Lawrence Sanders, and women who kick ass!This fully immersive science fiction murder mystery is brought to life by the very talented narrator Cheryl May.Note to Readers: This book contains adult language and sexual themes.“Once you get that nano crawling through you... You feel alive!”

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 37m 54s

Publicado por Philip Wyeth