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This Book includes an overview of the complete guide.First, here is the appropriate background data that you should understand:• Procrastination is the act of postponing choices or actions unnecessarily.• Factors like anxiety or fear of failure outweigh your motivation and self-control.• Your procrastination can be effectively overcome by applying methods that enable you to address the problems that lead you to procrastinate first. Next, this is the systematic strategy you should use to prevent procrastinating:• Figure what your objectives are, and make sure they are obviously defined, achievable, and sufficiently important to enable you to create meaningful progress.• Figure when, how, and why, by examining circumstances where your tendency to postpone stuff prevents you from attaining your objectives.• Create an action plan based on appropriate anti-procrastination methods, taking both your objectives and the nature of your procrastination into consideration.• Implement your plan and track your progress, while ensuring that your strategy is refined by identifying the methods that work for you and how you can best execute them.Identify and plan your productivity cycles accordingly.Overall, this strategy to tackling procrastination is quite intuitive and can only be implemented depending on what you read in this overview.If you don't feel like applying the complete scheme right now, you can still profit from selecting and applying just a few appropriate anti-procrastination methods mentioned here whenever you can.However, if you want to have the greatest opportunity to beat your procrastination, you'll gain more from using the complete scheme and reading this whole article, even if it takes some time for you to do so.

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