Growth Hacking Marketing

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Paul Walsh

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Paul Walsh




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Join the Club of Successful Business Giants, Build a Profitable Company and Grow Your Start-Up Amazingly Fast! Today, these companies are absolute rulers of the digital world, but how did they make it? Is it enough to just have a great product and wait for people to notice? Here’s why this book will make you crazy successful: ·        methods in your company·        It presents successful examples that you can learn from and copy·        It teaches you how to create a firm foundation that will withstand the fast growth of your company, not crumble under it·        It shows you how to market your company and utilize bloggers and social media for promotion·        It teaches you how to build and manage a successful team that will contribute to the growth of your business·        It presents different growth models and explains which ones fit specific businesses·        It reveals techniques for attracting new customers and making them stay with you or come back ·        It teaches you how to reach your target audience and expand it·        It provides techniques for generating a profit and monetizing your products·        And so much more! 

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Duración: 3h 22m 10s

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