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Your step-by-step guide to financial independence—from the creator of the #1 investing education podcast, Girls That Invest.It's never been easier to invest in shares, yet only 15%–25% of women invest in the stock market. Simran Kaur, founder of the hugely popular Girls That Invest podcast, makes the overcomplicated world of investing straightforward and accessible for anyone who has felt excluded from this space—helping women grow their hard-earned money, find financial security, and build generational wealth.Ever wondered how on earth the stock market works, but felt too intimidated to ask “those” questions? This is the book for you! In this guide to investing in stocks (aka shares), Simran Kaur teaches the essential principles you can apply to any market, anywhere in the world.Because money provides freedom: The freedom to say yes or no, the freedom to handle whatever life throws at you, and the freedom to grow and prosper. This book is your invitation to join the thriving community of women who are building a better financial future.Investing is for everyone. Have a listen to Girls That Invest, become an investor-in-training, and claim a space for yourself in the world of finance—so you too can find financial independence and create generational wealth.

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