Get Things Done

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Escrito por

Robert Kelsey

Narrado por

Roger May




7h 55m 22s

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Feel like an underachiever? Wish you could be more effective? Concerned that too many plans come to nought or nothing more than a few scribbled lines? And that somehow this is inevitable? It's just who you are: an ineffective person destined to fall at the first hurdle? Get Things Done? is not for people that need to go from zero to one hundred. It's for those that feel they start at minus one hundred—with a history of broken dreams and failed promises. It unravels the insecurities—even the maladies—that could be holding you back. And then plans an effective path forward. One built on strong foundations and growing confidence. Author Robert Kelsey replaced the self-fulfilling conviction he'd fail at everything—not with some false miracle or magic thinking but with sensible assessment, practical goal-setting and a will that came from having and sticking to a well-worked plan. He's since written internationally bestselling books and has built and sold a successful PR company.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 7h 55m 22s

Publicado por Gildan Audio