Game Over

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Escrito por

Winter Ramos

Narrado por

Katherine Dollison




6h 51m 16s

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From Season 3 of VH1’s hit reality television show Love & Hip Hop - New York, Winter Ramos delivers a brazen and unabashed memoir of her life in the world of hip hop.In Game Over, Winter puts all of her emotions on the page, leaving no experience, emotional abuse, secret, or former lover uncovered. Winter was privy to the cray beyond the videos, private flights, and limos that the cameras caught for us. Her reality and theirs was no game. Game Over is Winter’s cautionary tale for the next generation of young women who believe that the fabulous lives of celebrities unveiled in blogs are all fire! Stay tuned, because this game is about to get real.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 51m 16s

Publicado por Blackstone Audio

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