Flipping Houses For Dummies

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Ralph R. Roberts

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Matt Godfrey




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Buy it, fix it, flip it! Are you a wanna-be flipper looking to get the property, get the job done, and get out-all while maximizing your profit? Not just another house-flipping book, this hands-on guide shows you how to roll up your sleeves and find the perfect property, secure a mortgage, negotiate with condo associations, increase curb appeal, and much more. Flipping a house is more than just buying, updating, and selling. To be successful, you have to be a bit fearless, highly organized, and, at times, creative. This new edition of Flipping Houses for Dummies gives you practical guidance on the risks and rewards of flipping properties; helps you determine whether you have the time, energy, cash, and other resources to be successful; and then conveys the expert knowledge you need to succeed in a very competitive market. Find, fix, and sell houses for profit Score bank-owned and foreclosed properties Identify the best improvements for maximum ROI If you're ready for hard work and big profits, start flipping!

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Duración: 12h 39m 59s

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