Fit for Life

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Harvey Diamond

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L.J. Ganser




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In this newly updated and repackaged follow-up to Fit For Life, one of the bestselling diet books of all time, nutritional specialist Harvey Diamond teaches readers how to live a long healthful life by making smart dietary changes, adopting a clean diet, and offering a blueprint for optimal health, pain-free living, increased energy and weight loss without deprivation.Did you know that on average each one of us will consume approximately seventy tons of food in our lifetime? The amount of time, effort, and energy necessary to obtain, prepare, and consume all that food, plus the effort of your body to break it down, extract, and utilize what you need from it, and eliminate the rest, represents a hugely significant portion of your time on this planet. This book demystifies and simplifies the entire subject, while empowering you to know that you and you alone are in control of whether you live your life in good or ill health.Through intelligent dietetic decisions, you can harness the powerful healing energy of food. Step by step, in simple, understandable language, readers learn what pain, ill health, and disease really are, how and why they occur, and how they can be avoided. The book explains all you need to know about the single most important ally you have, your body's lymph system, the heart and soul of the immune system and the mechanism in your body whose explicit job and function is to keep you well. The secret to long-term, vibrant health lies in the understanding of the lymph system and what steps you can take to support its activities, not thwart them.This ultimate diet and health plan is a comprehensive, cutting-edge program to reduce weight, lower cholesterol, combat serious diseases, and maintain vitality. More than a review of diseases such as cancer or how to manage them, this important book makes the strategic transition from treatment to prevention. People are increasingly taking responsibility for decisions concerning their health. Fit for Life: A New Beginning empowers the individual to make health-care decisions that are based on personal research; indeed, it accelerates this process. While it does discuss diagnosis and treatment, its real message is that you can prevent disease.

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