Expect Miracles

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Joe Vitale

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Joe Vitale




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Have you ever wondered why guru advice doesn't work for you? How can you possibly expect miracles in your life when you can't even get through the day?For most of Vitale's career, he's helped people understand how to improve their lives and live their dreams. During that time, he's also encountered many people who are convinced that it won't work and that all those great and wonderful things that happen to others will never happen for them. The world of self development seems inundated with the idea that positive thoughts will change your life. While that is part of the solution, it is only one part. Vitale believes that positive expectation coupled with action is the real key. A person can try to convince himself that he is happy, but if his mind is filled with counter intentions and self limiting beliefs that tell him otherwise, he will never make any progress. The only way to truly live one's dreams is to clear away those counter intentions and take total responsibility for one's own happiness. This audio book will teach the listener :· How his own thoughts and experiences create negative self talk· How to bring himself to conscious awareness and affect change· How to be grateful for all the experiences in his life and use them for good· That we have the power to choose how we view the circumstances in our lives· What one tells oneself versus the reality of what is· How to live and be present in life rather than living in the past or future. This audio book presents the steps that can help the listener find his own inner miracle and will teach him how to expect miracles in his life each and every day.

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