Evening With Ram Dass, An

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Available as mp3 download or streaming video. Experience Ram Dass, one of the most inspirational and accessible teachers of our time, give a full length talk on compassion, suffering, and the nature of reality. This full length video program is a wonderful opportunity to be with Ram Dass at this Seva Foundation benefit taped in 1985 at Julia Richmond High School in New York City.The following is a transcribed excerpt from the wonderful recording of “An Evening with Ram Dass”:"I have a friend -- his name is Larry Brilliant and Larry is a doctor. He used to be known as Dr. America as part of the Hog Farm, which was a hippie commune in Berkeley. It was run by a fellow named Wavy Gravy, who was a clown. Wavy works with children in leukemia wards as a clown, and among other things he also emcees. Those of you that saw the movie “Woodstock” remember Wavy offering everybody breakfast in bed, 500,000 people. Because he gives away food. They would bring the Hog Farm bus and feed people. Very beautiful man. Well, Larry was part of that, and he was a hippie doctor, and his wife went to India and met my guru, named Karoli Baba. She brought Larry to him, and when Larry met my guru, my guru said to Larry, very shortly after meeting him, “U N O doctor”. What Larry heard him saying was “you are no doctor”, which is what his mother had been saying to him for years because he wasn’t earning a living. But the guru kept repeating “U N O doctor, U N O doctor” ‘till finally it sunk into Larry’s mind that what he was saying was United Nations Organization Doctor."

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