ETFs for the Long Run

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Lawrence Carrel

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Stow Lovejoy




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Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are one of the hottest investment products on Wall Street right now. ETFs are primarily stock or bond index funds that trade like stocks on an exchange, hence the name. But unlike mutual funds, which can only be bought or sold at one price per day, the net asset value set after the 4 p.m. market close, ETFs trade all day long at fluctuating prices. This ability to catch the beginning of a market move, rather than just its conclusion, gives investors more flexibility and greater profit potential. In ETFs for the Long Run, Carrel takes readers through the ins and outs of ETFs, including the history of ETFs, the tax benefits and minimal charges associated with ETFs, and an easy-to-read breakdown of the fundamental differences between ETFs and other types of investments (mutual funds, stocks, and bonds). Later in the book, Carrel provides readers with the resources and tools they need to build their own portfolios using ETFs, as well a guide to trading ETFs.

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Duración: 13h 57m 35s

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