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Everything you need to know about eating naturally on a healthy alkaline diet...Do you want to explore the benefits of alkalizing foods?Are you looking for ways to naturally get rid of the herpes simplex virus from your body totally?Would you like to have new ways of boosting your immune system and cleansing your liver and blood at the same time?If you answered "yes" to any of the above, look no further. This is the Audiobook for you!Eating nutritious food keeps your body in balance and feeling great. When something is not right with our internal health, the effects can manifest through devastating symptoms like chronic illness and fatigue. A simple and clean diet rich in nutritious veggies and fruits is key to a healthy, well-functioning body. This audiobook will set out to provide you with a concise, informed, and simple nutritional guide as well as present you with alkaline diet recipes.Dr. Sebi's herbs and plant-based diets help to cleanse and detoxify the body, making them the perfect cure for the herpes simplex virus. It is a complete, comprehensive and step-by-step guide to getting healthy and eating an optimum diet for high energy and anti-aging effects, in addition to reversal and prevention of disease and overcoming health and eating struggles.The Audiobook consists of the following:The Basics of Alkaline Diet as A Necessity for Healthy LivingThe Teachings of Dr. SebiAlkalizing Foods and Health BenefitsThe Alkaline 80/20 Rule & Alkaline Diet RecipesHealthy Living What is Herpes Virus, and What Should You Know?The Alkaline Diet and Advantages of the Diet and Tips for StartingSome Disease and Dr. Sebi Herbal CureWho is Dr. Sebi?The Dr. Sebi Herpes CureInterested? Then, click "buy now"!

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