Dr. Sebi Diet, Anti Inflammatory Diet, Plant-Based Diet

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Do You Want To Lose Weight And Heal Chronic Disease While Enjoying Delicious Food?Do you want to make 2020 the year when you…finally achieve your weight loss goals?say goodbye to chronic disease?greatly reduce your risk of heart attacks, diabetes, and some cancers?You can achieve all these goals with a single lifestyle change: opting for a healthy diet.But if you’ve ever tried dieting, you’ve probably been bombarded by contradictory advice until you were too confused to continue. Low-carb or low-fat? Meat or no meat? Intermittent fasting or many small meals throughout the day? Is chocolate a mortal sin?This book bundle will clear up the confusion. It offers THREE diet options that have been carefully chosen for their health benefits and fat-burning effects.Here’s what you’ll learn:The truth about Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet: will it really boost your health and burn fat… or is it pseudoscience?What chronic inflammation does to your body… and how to reduce it with anti-inflammatory foods!Everything you need to know about plant-based dietsLots of delicious health-boosting recipes to suit any tasteEffective weight loss strategies that will burn unwanted fat without damaging your metabolism – no need to fear the yo-yo effect!Are you ready for an epic body transformation and a great healing experience?Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

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