Design-Driven Growth

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Molly Norris Walker

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Susan Marlowe




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Here’s the cold, hard truth: ideas are cheap. Product follow-through is where the money is spent and made. That’s where heroes are forged, and excellent product design sparks what eventually becomes major growth. Today, products need to grow their user bases… from scratch, again and again. This book is a guide to the vital work of shaping a product into its sustaining engine.What is design-driven growth?Design-driven growth is a repeatable process for teams to smash growth targets through design experimentation at scale. It’s not just about user experience, nor business impact, but how to deftly combine both of these into a winning strategy. Who is this book for?Design-Driven Growth answers the question, “I’ve launched - now what?” It is relevant to anyone working on digital product performance, no matter their job title. This book is for global practitioners outside of the Silicon Valley bubble, from early-stage startups to mature scale-ups across the private, public, and social sectors.What is the book about?This one-sitting read is broken into the following chapters:Defining GrowthSimplifying Value PropositionsCrafting Growth Funnels & LoopsBuilding Personalization at ScaleSeeking Expansion at B2B CompaniesPraise for Design-Driven Growth"Product professionals must go beyond design thinking to add experiment rigor and metrics to not only product design, but to the entire customer journey. Molly lays out simple and concrete steps how to do so." -Brant Cooper, The New York Times Bestselling Author of The Lean Entrepreneur“Molly does a great job breaking down the seemingly complex concepts for growth for businesses and designers solving growth problems.” -Chetana Deorah, Director of Product Design, Coursera

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