Cryptocurrency Trading

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Owen Hill

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William Kenny




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This Audiobook will focus strictly on the best cryptocurrencies that exist today on the market. The aim, is to learn and understand why specific cryptocurrencies are way more improved and advantageous than others. In order to identify an outstanding cryptocurrency, the best coins have been handpicked for your reference, and examined in full depth. This book will teach you, how to analyze every nitty-gritty details, and provide you with fundamental knowledge on what is most important to consider, when thinking about investing in cryptocurrency. First, this book will begin with old school coins, those that are strongest by market capitalisation, and already dominating the market. Next, it moves on, explaining enhanced technologies, such as privacy based coins. Privacy based cryptocurrencies are already dominating a large percentage of the market, and this book will show you how they diverge from one another. With this book you will learn about the power of Cryptocurrency, and where it originated. You will be shown the huge potential of digital currency, and how to invest in it. And yes, you will also learn why the slow death of our most recent iteration of money will result in the boom of the virtual dollar.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 35m 13s

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