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Jamie Smart

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Jamie Smart




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In this book, entrepreneur and state-of-mind specialist Jamie Smart introduces a simple but profound realisation: that the human mind has its own self-clearing capacity, capable of guiding a person back to clarity, regardless of what state (or circumstances) they're in. This book helps you to undo the conditioning that's been keeping you from clarity, with all the benefits of wellbeing, fulfilled potential and success it brings; more time for whats important, improved decision making, better performance where it counts and more of the results that matter to you. By unlocking your inner resources Jamie Smart guides you into an understanding of innate thinking, using an entertaining and engaging combination of stories, research, case-studies and pop-culture references. You will experience increasing clarity and flow, a reduction in stress and an increase in productivity. Emerging confidence and self-belief pay dividends as they find innovative solutions to problems and make progress on goals and dreams that seemed daunting until now. Guided by intuition, their decision-making improves. Better communication skills lead to stronger relationships with bosses, colleagues, and loved ones. Uniquely (and perhaps most importantly), there is no separate implementation step for you to take. The book is written in such a way that as your understanding of innate thinking increases, the benefits start to emerge automatically in life. As you think less, youll start to win more at work, at home, and at the game of life as a whole.

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Duración: 7h 40m 39s

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