Circular Economy For Dummies

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Eric Corey Freed Kyle J. Ritchie

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Gabriel Vaughan




16h 03m 45s

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Imagine a future free from wasted materials, labor, and energy for you, your business, and your familyA circular economy is an economic system designed to save money, eliminate waste, and achieve deep sustainability. No-brainer, right? Circular Economy For Dummies explains why the old way of doing things (the take-make-waste model of a linear economy) is fast going the way of the dinosaurs, and it gets you ready to think circular. From business processes and material lifecycles to circular design in just about every industry, this book is a fascinating glimpse into the sustainable future we urgently need.Whether you're a designer looking to create better products, a manufacturer looking to streamline your operations, or simply looking to develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, this book shows you how. Learn how to innovate for a circular economy, how to turn trash into treasure, and how to calculate the (potentially large) amount of money this will save you. And—bonus—you'll feel good doing the right thing and being a part of our regenerative future!The future is circular. Buck business-as-usual and learn how to create a circular economy for all!

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Duración: 16h 03m 45s

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