China's Super Consumers

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Escrito por

Michael Zakkour Savio Chan

Narrado por

Kevin Stillwell




8h 16m 22s

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From factory of the world to mall of the world in 30 years. How did China go from a feudal economy in the 19th century, to Mao and Communism in the 20th century, to the largest consumer market in the world by the early 21st century? Chinas Super Consumers explores the birth of consumerism in China, explains who Chinas Super Consumers are and tells the stories of the foreign and domestic companies, brands and executives who have succeeded in selling to the market Westerners have dreamed about for 1500 years. Chinas Super Consumers will bring you inside the minds of Chinese consumers and explore who they are, what they buy, where they buy, how they buy and most importantly WHY they buy. It will also take you inside the minds and boardrooms of the people who understand Chinese consumers and have succeeded with them. You will walk away from reading this book with a clear understanding of how Chinas Super Consumers are changing the world and how to sell to them.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 8h 16m 22s

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