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Stacy Corwell

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Eric Burr




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Are you an individual struggling with finding a perfect way for meditation? Do you seek knowledge about Chakras? Is your interest in putting Chakras in practice or are you seeking to know the relationship between Chakras and Yoga?The day-to-day life of an individual has been characterized by having several activities. Therefore, there are moments that require an individual to cool down again and rejuvenate. There are several means that have been developed over the years for this purpose. One of the most outstanding methods entails the use of Chakra as a form of healing.Chakra has seen a rise in the number of people who are using its forms. The major reason behind this occurrence is the myriad benefits they possess to individual health, both physically and mentally.The aim of this book is simple and direct. You will able to know Chakra can help you in your life. It goes to break down everything to help you to realize the relationship between good sleep and Chakra. There is also a key role Chakra plays in an individual’s meditation.You will be able to learn about:Cosmic star portalEleven forms of chakrasThe benefit of the different chakrasPractical exercises to find balanceHow chakra balancing helps you to sleep betterHealing chakras with meditationThe effect of yoga on chakrasCrystal healing for chakrasWould you like to Learn More about chakra healing?Download the book now and equip yourself with knowledge about chakra healing.

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Duración: 16m 36s

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