Carnivore Diet, The

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"Carnivore Diet, what is it?" The Carnivore Diet is largely composed of meat and animal products, excluding all other species.Among other health concerns, it's believed to help with weight loss, mood problems, and blood sugar control.The diet, however, is highly restrictive and, in the long term, possibly unhealthy. Plus, no study confirms its presumed advantages.This book discusses the Carnivore Diet including how it can help with weight loss, its possible advantages and downsides, and how it can be practiced.You may have heard of it–this diet where you can consume as much meat as you want and watch fat fall off and muscles develop without even going to gym.Many people call it a gimmick diet. Some believe the solution to our declining wellbeing is this sham.This is a diet where you only consume foods based on animals. Only Meat.No plant based foods allowed. No fruit... No fruit. No fruits.It sounds counter to any "expert" health advice in the last 50 years.It seems "too good to be true," or absurdly flat out.But if you hear me out, it's not only going to change the way you look at food for ever, but I think it could change your life. The Carnivore diet is pretty basic.Eat Meat + Drinking Water= Carnivore DietIt is an animal based diet. Plant food is off the menu.You serve beef, not broccoli, with a side of bacon.It's not just a low-carb diet like the Atkins diet or the common low-carb Ketogenic diet that is high in fat.We were fed diet dogma, encouraged to obey the food pyramid, and told to listen to faulty recommendations leading to unprecedented, skyrocketing epidemic disease rates. Then there are special interest groups that want to keep us on the diet focused on food.Yet I am persuaded that,Meat = NutritionPLEASE ENJOY LISTENING!!!

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