Cannabis For Dummies

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Joe Kraynak Kim Ronkin Casey

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Michael Butler Murray




12h 18m 58s

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Pot is hot—for good reason. To date, thirty states have legalized medical marijuana to the tune of nearly $11B in consumer spending. Whether it's to help alleviate symptoms of an illness or for adults to use recreationally, more people every day are turning to marijuana.Cannabis For Dummies presents the science behind the use of this amazingly therapeutic plant. In this book, you'll find the hands-on knowledge and education you need to make an informed decision about your cannabis purchase, as a patient and a consumer. ● Decide for yourself if marijuana is right for you● Manage aches and pains● Gain insight on the effects and possible symptom relief● Enjoy both sweet and savory edibles● Navigate the legal requirements

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 12h 18m 58s

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