Buy, Build, Sell

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Escrito por

Paul Seabridge

Narrado por

James Walmsley




4h 07m 55s

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On his journey from faking it to making it, Paul Seabridge went from being broke to multi-millionaire entrepreneur.Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to scale your business or a seasoned business owner looking to sell, Paul's inspiring story and practical, business-boosting strategies will help you achieve your business goals. Understand how to:- Quickly and significantly grow your business- Employ the right sales methodology, maximise cash generation and increase business productivity- Examine and correctly interpret the key business financials of any business- Implement rigorous financial control- Build wealth through mergers and acquisitions and securing investment- Work out what success looks like for you – and achieve it

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 07m 55s

Publicado por Rethink Press