Broken to unbreakable

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Krissy Regan

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Dave Stokes Jessica Stokes Krissy Regan




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• Do you look into the future and see a healthy person?• Are you thinking about your bank balance or what’s left in your physical tank by the time you hang up your boots?• Have you wondered what it would feel like to have an unbreakable mind, body and spirit, capable of weathering any storm? This is the book for you! This book is designed to get you thinking about your future, not in terms of what you have but who you are, and to inspire you to take action now, laying a new foundation that will keep you healthy inside and out for years to come. Krissy is a girl from outback Australia, who after attaining an Exercise Science and Sports Management Degree, travelled the globe working on the biggest sporting events and developing training tools and programs for the world’s biggest brands. She was even lucky enough to train staff employed at Buckingham Palace. Krissy's skill as a coach comes from her ability to break down tasks and ideas into manageable steps. She creates compelling, easy to read content from technical information, helping her readers to embrace ideas that will benefit them on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Krissy’s driving force is to inspire people to prioritise health and wellness above all else, and to share her life-changing 12 Steps to an Unbreakable Mind, Body and Spirit.

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