Broken Spirit

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Escrito por

Skye MacKinnon

Narrado por

Kyo Sija




4h 50m 10s

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Will they be her saviours or executioners? Laya is called the Princess, but in fact, she’s nothing but a slave to her husband and cult leader Andros. Abused and suppressed, she has no hope of escape until three new recruits enter her life. They quickly take to living in the compound, but Laya can’t help feeling that they’re different. That they might not believe in what they have to do for Andros. That they aren’t as cold and cruel as him. With Andros planning his cruellest deed yet, she needs to escape - but will these three men be her salvation or her doom? *Warning: This is a dark story that contains violence, sexual abuse and other topics that may be triggering. Listen at your own discretion.*The Defiance Series - Three books, three women, three real-life stories. These dark, contemporary reverse-harem romances can be heard individually or as part of the series. They are loosely connected by side characters and settings, but they each have a different heroine and love interests.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 50m 10s

Publicado por Peryton Press