Book of No, The

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Susan Newman PhD Cristina Schreil

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Virginia Wolf




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An updated edition of the best-selling guide!Do you have problems saying "no"? Do people always turn to you for a favor? Wonder how you get roped into things you really don't want to do — with friends or family, at work, or even with pushy salespeople? Refusing someone is rarely easy. Often, it's downright uncomfortable. But constantly saying "yes" causes anxiety, anger, stress, regret, and feelings of powerlessness. Social psychologist and author Dr. Susan Newman empowers you to break your debilitating "yes" habit with her simple techniques and insights. This new, enhanced edition is filled with research and timely scenarios that offer more ways to say "no" without feeling guilty or damaging your relationships.You'll discover how to recognize when someone is manipulating you into "yes"; be ready with the words you need to refuse; avoid being overcommitted, overworked, and overwhelmed; put an end to feelings of resentment or frustration; make quality time for things you want to do; and establish and keep your boundaries strong.Harness the power of "no", and take back your life.

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