Be Hear Now; Remembering Baba Ram Das; The Lost Lecture Series

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Dr. Richard Alpert, a former Harvard professor and Timothy Leary cohort, was an icon of the hippie, LSD-fueled revolution of the 1960s. Thereafter, on a trip to India - like Clark Kent changing into Superman - he became the much-beloved spiritual teacher Baba Ram Das. His 1970s' iconic book Be Here Now turned on a generation to the deep, non-sectarian spirituality within us all. Author Jagannatha Dasa became friends with Ram Das in the early '70s and traveled across America, playing Indian drums at his speaking engagements. During that time, the two discussed the publication of some of his lectures, but nothing was ever done, and the two lost touch. Now, finally, after all these years, Jagannatha Dasa keeps his promise to his old friend, publishing this original audio history of one of our most inspired and cherished spiritual teachers.,Edited by Macc KayProduction executive Avalon Giuliano ICON Intern Eden GiulianoMusic By AudioNautix With Their Kind Permission©2020 Icon Audio Arts (P) 2020 Icon Audio Arts LLCJagannatha Dasa is the author of over thirty internationally bestselling biographies, including the London Sunday Times bestseller Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney and Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison. He can be heard on the Westwood One Radio Network and has written and produced over seven hundred original spoken-word albums and video documentaries on various aspects of popular culture. He is also a well known movie actor. Jagannatha Dasa has been collecting and trading in Beatles and other rock memorabilia since 1968. Two coffee table books of his extensive world class collection have been published by Penguin Books.

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