Awaken Your Inner Goddess

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Dr. Dara Goldberg PhD

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Leslie Howard




4h 17m 41s

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Rediscover your inner goddess, embrace your divine energy, and begin a journey of healing. This guide is packed with exercises and tools from both spiritual wisdom and evidence-based psychology. You'll find emotional healing treatments and self-realization techniques to strengthen your inner light.Connect with your inner self, identify your divine gifts, and find strength through insightful exercises. Create realistic, achievable goals and learn how to embrace self-care and self-love on the journey to your most authentic state of being.With this spiritual book, you'll uncover:● Spiritual customs—Draw on goddess wisdom from spiritual traditions across time and space from Greek mythology, Ancient Egyptian deities, the Chinese zodiac, and more.● Supportive practices—Explore a variety of constructive exercises written by a clinical psychologist that will help you put concepts into action.● Journaling prompts—Writing exercises will help you reflect and expand on your self-discovery as you go.Nurture your divinity, heal emotionally, and find your path with Awaken Your Inner Goddess.

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Duración: 4h 17m 41s

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