Astral Travel

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Kelly Howell

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Kelly Howell




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Astral Travel Explore non-physical realities Discover your multidimensional nature Increase recall of out-of-body experiences Overcome fear and gain more control Astral travel is one of the most profound awakening experiences you can have. But for most people, developing this natural ability requires a specific mindset, a revised set of beliefs and regular practice. Astral Travel subliminal messaging is designed with Theta binaural beats to entrain your brain and imprint your subconscious with the ideal mindset for out-of-body experiences—making it easier for you to travel beyond the boundaries of the physical plane. Embedded within the soothing sound of ocean waves, Theta waves and carefully chosen subliminal messages address all the common mental obstacles to astral projection such as; separation, vibrations, safety issues, recall and control while you’re out-of-body.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 00m 00s

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