Art of Disagreeing Well, The

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‘Electrifying … A user manual for our polarized world’ Adam Grant, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Think Again‘Important, compelling and wise’ Johann Hari, Sunday Times-bestselling author of Stolen Focus How do you win an argument? How do you disagree without hard feelings? How do you debate in a way that moves the topic forward to an answer?Arguments matter, because we have them every day. We do it with loved ones and at work, over which restaurant to go to and which social viewpoint is right or fair. We trust the people we elect to argue on our behalf. We trust the news to dissect the arguments different parties are proposing. We have a system of justice which trusts the better argument will win out.Once, argument was taught and celebrated as a fundamental part of being a good citizen. But it isn’t anymore, and often we struggle to argue without furthering divisions, without hurt feelings or a useful progression of ideas at stake.As a two-time world debate champion, Bo Seo has made a career out of arguing well. In this book, he provides the reader with an unforgettable toolkit to improve their own disagreements, so that the outcome of having an argument is better than not having it at all.A thrilling adventure into the past and present of competitive debate, Good Arguments proves that good-faith disagreements can enrich our friendships, workplaces, and democracies — and in the process, our world.Previously published as The Art of Disagreeing WellIn THE ART OF DISAGREEING WELL, Bo Seo delves into the art and science of argumentation, using his expertise in disciplines such as linguistics, philosophy, and rhetoric. His logical approach to communication and his skills in sociolinguistics make this self-help book a unique guide to mastering the art of disagreement.For fans of Mehdi Hasan (ED), Ethan Kross (Chatter), David Mcraney (You Can Beat Your Brain), Michael Bhaskar (Human Frontiers), and Tom Chivers (How to Read Numbers).HarperCollins 2022

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