Answer Is You, The

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Alex Amouyel

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Shakira Shute




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Changing the world begins one person at a time with innovation, both big and small. The Answer is You is here to inform you that being a change agent starts with doing good deeds and being a community helper. Everyone can do something with the skills and resources they already have—they just need ideas for how. The Answer is You inspires every person to start thinking critically about the problems we face and the solutions we might be able to offer to enact change.Take action for social impact. A change agent is anyone who sees a challenge in their community and decides to do something about it. It's being a community helper and devoting your time, skills, and resources to problem-solving, innovation, and activism in a way that impacts the world by improving communities around us.Inside The Answer is You, you'll find:● Motivating and encouraging stories of amazing impact innovators from MIT Solve● Guidance on how to take action in the world in big and small ways to get results● A path to hope and action for problem-solving in your community and within society

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Duración: 8h 34m 40s

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