Anger Management: Control Your Temper

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Lynda Hudson

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Lynda Hudson




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Are you finding that your anger is becoming out of control? Try this self-help hypnotherapy twin track recording for adults who really want to manage their anger in a more appropriate way. Track one teaches you a simple, effective breathing technique to calm and clear the mind. Then, through guided self-reflection, you explore the origins, triggers and previously uncontrolled expression of your anger. Track two takes you into a deeper state of hypnosis to absorb positive suggestions for letting go old stored anger, handling feelings more safely and taking control of your temper. At first, use both tracks very regularly, preferably daily. After a time you may prefer to concentrate on listening to track two. When positive changes in you have become habitual, just listen from time to time for on-going support and reinforcement. Drift off into a natural sleep at the end or simply re-orientate to the room feeling calm and refreshed. This successful approach is based on natural, safe, sound hypnotherapy principles: act out each positive step in the imagination and dramatically increase the chance of success in the real world. Lynda's gentle, voice calms and re-assures as she gives suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem.The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success! This recording is intended to support and not replace medical advice. A First Way Forward audio production.

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Duración: 50m 37s

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