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The author, after years in the real estate sector, has studied the now rampant phenomenon of Airbnb and has translated his research in this book from a business perspective in order to prepare everyone for success.The book weaves various points among which you will find:• How to get started on Airbnb for the first time, including understanding the platform, terms and more• How to find a property to list on Airbnb if you don't already have one• How to prepare the house to host and protect yourself and your property• The best way to create the perfect Airbnb listing that attracts your potential audience• The key things to consider before starting an Airbnb business• How to develop a solid pricing strategy for your Airbnb listing to maximize your profits• Effective communication skills to help you communicate with your host and know when to accept or reject guests• How to clean the place with total efficiency and professionalism to encourage 5-star reviews• Common factors that can affect your Airbnb listing and how to proceed• How to work with other people to get additional help with your listing and create a reliable and efficient check-in system• How to scale your Airbnb business• How to make money with Airbnb even if you don't own any property"Join the exclusive club of Airbnb hosts who have harnessed the powers of the strategies discussed in this book to earn insane passive revenue in no time!Even if you don't own an inch of property or feel that Airbnb is too advanced for you, this book will change your mind, show you the possibilities and grab you by the hand to take you there! "

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