About Face

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Escrito por

D.E. Haggerty

Narrado por

Valley Parker




5h 52m 10s

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My grandma is trying to hook me up.To be painfully specific, my seventy-five-year-old grandmother thinks a little hanky-panky would cheer me up. Direct quote. Since I’m currently living with her, I can’t escape the endless line of grandchildren of friends who keep ‘dropping by’ for dinner. Literally, I can’t escape. I can barely manage the trek to the dining room at this point.While Grandma’s determined to find me a husband, I’m determined to learn how to walk again so I can walk away from her matchmaking skills. Spoiler alert: She has no matchmaking skills. But then I get a brilliant idea. I can fake date my physical therapist. Only he wants a real date. Gulp. A real date with me? Is he for real? I’m no longer the stylish girl with the glamorous job. Now, I’m a woman with a shattered leg and a scarred face.If I’m going to learn to live with my new reality and give love a chance, my attitude needs to do an about-face. Easier said than done.   

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 52m 10s

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