A, The - Z of Service Excellence

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Cate Schreck

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Dave Stokes Cate Schreck




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Does the job you have (or the job you want) require customer interactions?Do you want to handle difficult customers with ease?Do you long for recognition of your customer service skills?Do you know what it takes to be a customer service professional?Every business has customers, and employers are seeking to hire, retain and reward employees who have the skills, the knowledge and the motivation to provide a consistently superior level of service to every customer, every day. No longer is a bright smile and a friendly hello enough to satisfy customers and keep them coming back. Employers and customers want Customer Service Professionals.p>‘The A – Z of Service Excellence’ contains everything you need to not only survive but thrive in any role that requires you to interact with customers, including how to: Communicate respectfully with people from all walks of life Identify and address your own levels of stress Achieve the customer service job of your dreams Refresh a tired customer service approach Apply these skills in any industryWhether you are seeking your first customer service role or you’ve been providing customer service for years (or even decades), this book is for you.

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