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Vincent Fiorello

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James R. Tramontana




1h 10m 09s

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I had a gap year, I'll admit that to myself. I can write a book alone on coming close to my closing but when the summer of 2019 hit I was reborn, Illuminated on the way I wanted the next year to go, the projects to roll out, the life I wanted to push into. It was in June that I wrote a short story a day. One for each of the 30 days, stories about southern skies, long drives, talking to ghosts, and humidity that causes a madness that only a Floridian would know. Before we were sentenced to social distancing and Covid 19. These were the stories of a being lost and being found. One year after I wrote it, I promised myself I'd release it. Here we are. I'm proud to announce the preorder of my second book "6/19". - Vincent Fiorello "...As a lyricist, Vincent Fiorello completely redefined a genre of music. 6/19 is poised to shake up the literary world in that same way. It is a short story anthology the likes of which I've never read before. Part memoir, part philosophical brain blitz, part rumination on the realities of rock-n-roll, these wholly original stories had me tripping on the nature of existence one minute and brimming with youthful nostalgia the next. There's an unmistakable rhythm that ties each page together, a magical groove only the real deal motherfuckers of the world manage to tap into.6/19 is full of old ghosts, yet brims with life. To read this book is to witness a true creative on the cusp of an exciting second act...." - Rob Rufus

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