100 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners And Intermediate Learners

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Christian Stahl

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Monica Wagner Christian Stahl




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This Spanish audio book contains 100 entertaining and culturally interesting Spanish short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level.Spanish for beginners can be challenging, but not with this audio book. All the Spanish short stories in this audio book for learners are unique and entertaining in content, new vocabulary is gradually added at a manageable pace so you won't get overwhelmed. Towards the end of this book you find the stories slightly more complex, but still comprehensible for beginners.This book is a great resource to help you get fluent and understand Castilian Spanish! (Narration in Castilian)The Spanish novels in this audio book are full of humor, irony and funny anecdotes. ideal for a lazy afternoon or casually learning the language. This Spanish language audio book also offers you a wide range of culturally important information you can use when you travel to Spain or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for Spanish language learners but also for anyone interested in Spanish culture in general.This audio book contains high quality recordings,each of the story will captivate you, and regardless of your language skills this book will help you in many ways, so get your copy now!

Idioma: Español

Duración: 2h 23m 06s

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