100 Quotes by Epictetus

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Epictetus was born a slave, and became one of the most influential Stoic philosophers. Stoicism is the attitude allowing one to free oneself from the unnecessary suffering that arises from anxiety about events that are beyond our control; therefore, it can be of tremendous importance in one's life. According to Epictetus, our own actions and attitudes are the only thing in our control; whatever else happens, we should examine calmly and dispassionately, because no amount of suffering will change the impact of external events.The teachings of Epictetus show that philosophy is not made of abstractions or intellectual games; it is a way of life, and it has a direct impact of how much suffering we allow in our experience or not.We have selected for you 100 of his most inspiring quotes, for you to benefit from the teachings of Stoicism and alleviate your life by knowing the proper attitudes.

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